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Trading for Profit

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Trading Members access our trades for:
* ASX Share CFDs
* US Share CFDs

Get our exact Entries, Stoplosses and Target orders

We trade and create reports for approximately 46 weeks of the year. No Day Trading - All our orders are End Of Day Orders

Trading Membership auto renews each month and you can log in to cancel anytime. However, your cancellation will generally be effective at the end of your current subscription month.

Get Our Trades - At No Cost
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So how do we select our trades?

We start off looking at the trend of the index.

* Australian Share CFDs - we use the ASX 200 Index

* Hong Kong Share CFDs - we use the Hang Seng Index

* European Share CFDs - we use the Eurostoxx 50 Index

* UK Share CFDs - we use the FTSE 100 Index

and for the US Share CFDs - we use the SP 500 Index

We only want to be trading in the direction of the index trend. We trade long or short - it makes no difference to us - as long as we start searching for trades in the direction of the current index trend.


Now we start the search for the individual stocks.

We have developed our proprietary software that allows us to scan very quickly for the right combination of Comparative Relative Strength, Seasonal Analysis as well as one of our 3 main entry trigger indicators.


That's most of the analysis right there. Once we find the list of stocks that we want to trade - our software calculates the precise orders for Entry, Initial Stoploss and Profit Target. 

The analysis and orders are all done with End of Day Data. We analyse, place orders and then close the computer until the next trading day. We find that style of trading suits us and allows us to get out of the office.

Get Our Trades - At No Cost
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Once we have an open position - we actively monitor that trade.

Before the market reaches our nominated profit target - we make calculations to determine if and when we can raise the initial stoploss order. The goal is to minimise any possible losses early in the trade.

Once the market reaches our profit target - then we constantly monitor that position to determine whether we use trailing  stops or exit the trade. We are constantly monitoring each trade in order to maximise profits.

Our trading plan envisages trades with a holding period of about 2+ weeks. That works out to be about 10 or so trading days. Now every trade is different and market conditions are constantly changing so that trade holding period does vary.

Here is one of our real trades

So that's an introduction in our style of trading for profit.

If it sounds like something that might suit you then have a look at taking out a trial.

Our trading reports trial is only $7 for the first month and all of our memberships are month to month. 

Get Our Trades - At No Cost
Become A Beta Tester Now