Services - RPW Traders


Private Mentoring

We offer "one on one" private mentoring for those individuals who want to fast track their trading and investing education.

Private mentoring is tailored education to your preferences with the added value of allowing you to learn by watching how a professional trader attacks the markets each day.

Our private mentoring course is best suited to people who want to become more professional and treat trading as a business rather than a hobby. It is not for everyone so please contact us for more information.

Group Presentations

We have given many presentations on various trading methods and analysis techniques. 

If you would like us to present at your meeting or conference then please Contact Us outlining your requirements.


We trade and invest using a number of specialised proprietary techniques. If you are a Fund Manager or Broker and would like to discuss how we may help your organisation or clients then please Contact Us.

Future Direction

Over the years, a number of people have approached us to trade for them. It is something we have not undertaken due to licensing and the structures required. 

Now with the availability of Managed Discretionary Accounts (or MDAs) and the advantages it brings to clients, this is a path we are considering.