Strategies - RPW Traders


What We Trade

We actively trade Commodity Futures, Forex and Share CFDs on global stocks from various exchanges including Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, UK and US.

We are based the east coast of Australia but we tend to focus on the European and US markets. The reason is because these markets tend to have a larger range of instruments with greater liquidity.

There is the added benefit of time zones. These overseas markets close in our morning which allows us plenty of time during the day to analyse and forecast each market and then place any orders.

Trading Timeframe

We primarily trade using end of day data with daily bars. This allows us to take our time each day analysing and forecasting each market. 

Trading Strategies

We have two main trading strategies. The first uses "swing" trading techniques while the second strategy uses "breakout" trading techniques. 

We use a proprietary combination of momentum, volume, strength and seasonal analysis to analyse and forecast each upcoming "swing" or "breakout" in the market. 

Investing in ASX Equities 

We invest in ASX equities using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis.

Take The Next Step

So by now you have read a bit about us, our services and our strategies. If you want to take the next step in your trading and investing knowledge there is only one step left to take .. Contact Us and lets see how I can help you.